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Dancing Fish Catnip Kicker Toy
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Dancing Fish Catnip Kicker Toy


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Cat lying around, bored? Give your furry pet something to flop about! With our Dancing Fish Catnip Kicker Toy, watch your kitty cat be amused for hours on end (itā€™ll keep your cat out of trouble around the house, too!).

Our dancing fish not only looks like a real fish, but also acts like a one as well. Designed to flop when touched and stay still when left alone, your cat will be bewildered (or terrified?) by the life-like behavior of this toy. True to life, the fish will even adjust its flopping speed according to the motion around it. If your cat is scurrying around it, itā€™ll flop excitedly in sync. If your cat moves around it slowly and cautiously, the fish will play along. Itā€™s entertainment thatā€™s as real as it gets — all without the water and smell.

Take a look at why the Dancing Fish Catnip Kicker Toy is your cat’s new favorite toy!

Itā€™s the FIRST (patent-pending) fish kicker that moves on its own!

It powers up with easy USB charging ā€“ no batteries required!

An internal motion-detecting motor creates a responsive, realistic movement.

Itā€™s a big catch (for major fun) at 11 inches (30 cm) in length.

Built with a velcro-pocket refillable catnip pouch, refill the toy over and over for endless entertainment.

The power button is located inside the velcro catnip pocket for easy on/off access.

Entertain your cat — and you — for flip-flop fun for the entire family.


  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Interface: USB
  • Net Weight: 3.88 oz / 110 g

No more twirling string or chasing lasers: give your cat something responsive, realistic, and unexpected! This must just be their new favorite toy!

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36 reviews for Dancing Fish Catnip Kicker Toy

  1. Kathryn Barrett

    Great, my cats love them

  2. Christian Lee

    My cat Petey has taken complete ownership of the toy. He is attacking the other cats when they go near it. I had no idea it would be such a big hit with the kitties. The fish find flop like a fish out of water. It’s great.

  3. Brittany Palmer

    Nice fish! The kitten loved it but the DOG loves it more!!

  4. Deborah Wong

    My sweet baby, Sugar, loved the fish toys. She played with them a long time.

  5. Anna Day

    Very realistic soft toy. My cat is happy!

  6. Theresa Franklin

    Cats love the fish it is great fun watching them play with them. An excellent buy thank you!

  7. Timothy Jacobs

    Thanks much for the excellent communication about my delivery. My beautiful Big Red Burmese Boy Mr Marko Cat received his own present – his very own “Kicker Fish!” I add extra Catnip to them for extra fun! Mr Marko Cat has 1 Kicker Fish upstairs and the other one downstairs- he loves them both so much!šŸ˜ŗ Will try to upload a photo of Mr Marko rucking his “Kicker Fish!” šŸ˜»šŸ¾šŸ˜€

  8. John Ramirez

    Great, my cats love them!

  9. Kaiden Clark

    Excellent quality! There is a zip compartment in the belly just open it up to switch it on/off, or charge it, or add a fresh catnip pouch (optional, it came with 1). Kitty loves it! Sheā€™s a feisty 3-year-old, was a feral stray kitten we found at about 5 weeks, still retains some wild ways. We had to stop letting her out because of killing things like frogs, baby bunnies, etc and she brought a live mouse in through the dog flap about a month ago so now sheā€™s grounded for good. With keeping her inside she definitely needs appropriate outlets for her instincts.

    This fish is a good size for her to grab and kick. Great workmanship and materials. Weā€™re having fun watching her enjoy it.

  10. Johnny Jordan

    My cat is entranced. She plays with it all the time. It’s very responsive to touch and holds a charge for a couple of days depending on how much it’s activated. Worth the money to keep the little one entertained.

  11. Henry Maxton

    It keeps my cats interest. The battery life is so good, I only charged it once and itā€™s still going after 3 days.

  12. Rebecca Walsh


  13. Benjamin Anderson

    Easy to use and recharge. My cats loved it!

  14. Larry Watkins

    I just received it so I canā€™t speak to charging or durability, but my cat took to it immediately! Heā€™s currently rolling around on the ground with it (watch the video I added!!). Itā€™s super easy to use and thereā€™s a little pouch inside for catnip. Seems to be good quality too! Nice and soft and kinda looks like a real fish if you look quickly šŸ˜¹

  15. Kathy Myers

    I bought it for my cat. It loves this thing and it looks so real. I posted my cat playing with it on Instagram and people have inquired where I got it, and want it for their cats and dogs.

  16. Douglas Payne

    Megatron loves his fish. He carries it around with him and interacts with him. Great purchase!

  17. Riley Clark

    My cats love it and it came fully charged! Very entertaining they love the catnip. Overall happy šŸ™‚

  18. Gerald Young

    But it is now my puppy’s favorite toy!

  19. Austin Carlson

    This is so much fun for my cats. It is entertaining for quarrenteen.

  20. Mirko Lombardi

    This is a cool little fish out of water. I like that it is activated by a sensor when they touch it. I sprayed some liquid catnip on it for a little added fun and my little guy is loving his new toy.

  21. Brian Wagner

    I gave Hope the fish cover while charging the battery at my computer! She enjoyed playing with it and I think it helped her feel comfortable with it on the initial introduction. The part I appreciated most about it was that she spent time playing in the living room it while my boyfriend and I were sleeping. We usually keep her in the room with us because she tries to jump places she’s not allowed, but she had her fill of the fish, and then came and napped with us. It keeps her company! She’s a little co-dependent, so I think it’ll help her when we go back to work.

    I like to imagine when she played with it without the motor, and then I put the motor in, she was mind-blown and wondered how it suddenly came to life X)

  22. Laura Richard

    I knew Khloe would love this!!! Sheā€™s such a cat lol!!! Definitely a nice toy for a cat. Iā€™m going to see how my other cat reacts to it

  23. Marina DurƔn

    Actually my timid tuxedo cat was wary of the fish…flopping or still. So I gave it to a friend for her gregarious Maine Coon. She loved it! As sheā€™s a big girl – 17lbs. – the fish is perfect for grabbing. The flopping was an added delight. Then the dog got interested.
    Tip: so your cat doesnā€™t tire of the fish, allow a limited playtime, then put it away for another time. Then itā€™s always new.
    Overall a quality product.

  24. Justus Richter

    My cat likes this fish toy! Thank you!

  25. Roy Hunter

    This is definitely for use as a cat toy. My cat is a little cautious but does a quick stealth attack on toys when no one expects it. So, she has checked the toy out but is waiting for that prime opportunity. But, I’m pretty positive it will come.
    Will update review if possible.

  26. Nathan Martin

    To preface this review, my cat does not typically like to play with toysā€” I barely had a chance to remove this toy from the packaging before my she tried to destroy it. She loves to hate this fish!

  27. William Hardy

    The motor scared the bejesus out of my cat, but she loved the toy without the fish flopping around. I just put some catnip inside of it and she warmed up to it almost immediately (she just doesn’t like how loud the motor is).

  28. Adam Hayes

    My cat loved it and so did I! Tons of playtime and less bleeding legs , perfect size!

  29. Tammy Mitchell

    I like the size. My cats love it. Won’t leave it alone. Sleeping with it now!! Really doesn’t want to share. Very entertaining.

  30. Amber Hopkins

    I originally purchased this product for my 2 cats to enjoy, but to my surprise when it arrived my cats ran away from it and were afraid of it. On the bright side, my chihuahua absolutely LOVES IT! lol

  31. Luisa Reyes

    Our cats loved rubbing up against this fish toy. first they get curious when it started flapping back and forth. A nice interactive addition to your cat toy collection!

  32. Henry Patel

    Cats were a bit confused at first and it did take catnip to get them interested. Fun toy for them but likely only during limited catnip playtime. Hoping they may get more used to it and intrigued. Will rate with more time with it. Easy to charge.

    Update: Cats seem to be enjoying this a bit more and dragging around the house.

  33. Nicole Ramirez

    Since opening this toy, my cat has refused to put it down. He has spent literal hours just carrying it everywhere with him and watching it until the battery finally died and he lost interest. Luckily, the fish has a rechargeable battery so I just plugged the fish in overnight and it was as good as new in the morning. He likes to carry the fish everywhere with him, it even came bird watching on the windowsill with him. The motor to the fish isn’t loud but it isn’t silent either, the fish has an on/off switch so I make sure to turn it off at night time while it’s recharging so that I’m not woken up by a stuffed fish flapping on my face. Definitely a fun toy for cats and it comes highly recommended by my cat.

  34. Julie Flores

    This interactive cat toy is one all cat owners should add to their list! I was looking for something that was inexpensive yet would keep my 3 cats entertained when I am busy and can’t play directly with them and I am so glad I purchased this moving fish. It came exactly as described, had a fragrant catnip package included, was easy to get assembled and charged quickly! As soon as I set it down on the floor, my cats were on it. It doesn’t go right off- the motion activated sensor is programmed just right so your cat will need to nibble or swat a couple times first before the fish toy will start flopping around. It looks realistic how it flops and it majes a sound similar to a mouse squeak as it flops. One of my cats jumps in the air each time the fish toy starts flopping, even though we’ve been playing with it for a week, it always takes him by surprise. It is hilarious!!! Definitely a must-have cat toy!
    It comes with a USB cord to put in your plug to charge. While it is charging, there’s a red light. It stayed charged for 3 hours no problem. Just turn the toggle switch to OFF when done playing to keep it ready for play later on.

  35. Doris Gray

    When ordering this, I wasn’t sure how the cats would take it, whether it would be fun or just plain too scary for them. Well, it’s THREE/three cat thumbs UP at our house! Each of them absolutely LOVES this crazy fish toy, due in large part, I am sure, to the delightful catnip aroma. The grand kids love it as well, although one of them jumped and squealed the first time they picked it up and it moved, which was grand. So glad to have come across this fun toy. It arrived charged and ready and I still have not had to charge it yet, so it holds its charge for a very long time. We’ve had it for about a week and everyone is still loving this fish!!

  36. Lauren Smith

    Appears to be well-made, and soft. I only charged it for about 20 minutes, and it is still able to flop after a solid half-hour of play with Ailee. Great purchase!

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